The Galway Express, Saturday, April 5th, 1884

Mr. Kempster's Report

To the grand jury of the county of galway, assembled at spring assizes, 1884.
Mr. foreman and gentlemen of the grand jury — A number of schemes for projected tramways or light railways have been lodged at my office during the past half—year, on which I am required by the Acts of Parliament to report to this Grand Jury.

They may be divided into two groups; the first having Mount Bellew Bridge as the central point, and the second having reference to the communication of Loughrea with the rest of the county.

As regards the second group, viz—the communication with Loughrea, I will first notice the railway proposed between a station to be made at Attymon on the M.G.W.R and Loughrea. It passes through the baronies of Kilconnel, Athenry, and Loughrea: its length 8 miles, 6 furlongs, 6 chains, and estimated cost £48,600 or £5,500 per mile; it does not interfere with the public roads except at the crossings, of which there will be five: these are proposed to be level crossings, and the level of the roads will not be altered. ...
The 4th of the series is a junction line from Attimon to Kiltullagh, 3 miles, 7 f., 5 chains in length, and forming an alternative line with the Attimon and Loughrea Railway.

I have the honour to be, Mr. Foreman and Gentlemen, your obedient servant.
J. F. Kempster, County Surveyor,
Charles Nugent