Dunsandle Railway Station is now privately owned by Maurice Mitchell. While I was not even born when the last train passed through this station, I grew up just a mile over the road at Rathville House. My father, the late Claude Mitchell (RIP) was born and raised metres from here. He took the train to school in Loughrea and in later years, cattle to the market. He told me stories about getting the train to Galway (via Attymon) Christmas Shopping and accompaning his mother on the yearly Croagh Patrick Pilgrimage (Dunsandle to Westport). My fathers brother, Gerard, worked at Dunsandle Station in the 1960's. My mother, Florence, originally from Loughrea, 'hopped on' the train from Loughrea to Dunsandle in the '60s to visit my father.

I remember the track (lifted in 1988), we played as children up along the line, hopping from one sleeper to another. I also remember visiting Mrs. Whelan and family here at Dunsandle Station in the '80s.

Purchased in the early '90s by my Uncle Iggy (R.I.P.), we set about restoring the main building and goods shed. Early 2000, I relayed track and sourced stock from Tuam, former Westrail stock. Moving the stock from Tuam to Dunsandle Station was a parish effort and I would like to thank neighbours and friends for helping out.

The area around Dunsandle Station transformed in 2008/2009 with the introduction of the M6 Galway to Dublin motorway. The road that connected the Station to my fathers birth home is now a cul-de-sac.

Dunsandle Station is something close to my heart. I recently gave the inside of the house an upgrade. Unfortunately, restoring the stock will take time and money.

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