CIE's E Class built diesel E428 Locomotive at Dunsandle Railway Station is former Westrail stock. It last ran in the early 1990s when it was housed in Tuam, County Galway as part of the Westrail project. The E428 was lent by Westrail to Inchicore Works as part of a show, with the agreement that it would return to Tuam. But, with Westrails closure and the E428 still at Inchicore, Dunsandle Railway Station purchased the locomotive and it was transferred from Inchicore Works to Dunsandle in 2005 where it remains today.

The following pictures of the E428 when it arrived at Dunsandle Railway Station in 2005 show that it was already in need of a coat of paint and some work to be acrried out on it:

E428 repainted 2013

Work still outstanding, including hanging the door and work internally, but that's for another day!